Wednesday, 23 February 2011

SINGLE REVIEW: Lykke Li - Love Out Of Lust

I love Lykke Li. I feel I should establish that from the off. I’ve been an avid follower from the outset and this Swedish songstress has the ability to inspire devotion in everyone who experiences her music, both on record and in a live arena. This was proven when I saw her at Latitude Festival 2009 in a whirlwind of chiffon, leather, fur, percussion, gospel singers and dry ice. She captivated every audience member from start to finish.

Lykke’s latest single, Love Out Of Lust, showcases a similar aesthetic to that displayed on her 2008 debut “Youth Novels”; a collection of simple, polished, rhythmical pop songs. However, this 4 minutes, 43 seconds also sees an exploration into a more layered, ambient approach to making music. Taken from her upcoming album “Wounded Rhymes”, the deep, haunting hum which underlies the track is offset by the feather-lightness of Lykke’s soaring tones. The lyrics are both sugar-sweet and simultaneously laced with melancholy as Lykke breathes: Rather die in your arms, than die lonesome.” The heavy throb of layered percussion is a key component, driving the track forward and fast becoming Lykke’s trademark.

That’s not to say that this track is utterly devoid of light; the choruses offer a distinct sense of optimism as we are encouraged to “dance while you can…for life is like a flameand the ashes for wasting”. This is accompanied by high pitched whistling and textured “oohs” bringing to the track to its dreamy height. It’s difficult to draw any substantial comparisons; a little Beach House but more torn around the edges, a little Girls but perhaps with less bite. I think it is fair to say that a true individual is to be found in Lykke Li and “Love Out Of Lust” marks the beginning of a very exciting second chapter in this Swede’s career. Roll on album number two!

Written for The Whiteboard Project

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