Thursday, 10 March 2011

SINGLE REVIEW: Crystal Stilts - Through The Floor

With last year’s release of albums from the lo-fi Best Coast and Wavves and Lovvers’ debut the year before, I think it’s safe to say that the garage rock revival is in full swing. And much like that of Blue’s upcoming Eurovision appearance, this is a revival that I welcome with open arms. Best of all, the widespread success of aforementioned Californian (and, err, Nottingham) bands has seen a number of similarly scuzzy new bands rise from the woodwork. One of these bands joining the ranks is Brooklyn locals Crystal Stilts with their new single “Through The Floor”.

Despite being short and sweet at just 1 minute, 55 seconds, “Through The Floor” provides a injection of much needed sunshine into an otherwise arctic March. All of the usual suspects get an airing by the quintet: a driving rhythm established by thumping percussion, grungy guitars offset by a jangly tambourine and a vocal drenched in reverb. All of these elements messily flung together have an endearing quality to cast me back to hazy cider-fuelled summer afternoons. However, unlike their American cousins, the focus is not so much on drawling, cutting vocals but rather on the instrumental itself. In fact, the lyrics to “Through The Floor” are almost incomprehensible, shrouded by the heavy drums and tattered guitar riffs. Contrasted with the upbeat, poppy tambourine is the weight of the track which lies with the deep vocal drawing comparisons with Ian Curtis of Joy Division fame. This mix of overt brightness and darkness results in Crystal Stilts’ delightful discord that makes them so distinctive. “Through The Floor” is a slice of sunshine-laced garage rock that will make you feel like it’s summer inside…if not out

Written for The Whiteboard Project

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