Wednesday, 23 March 2011

SINGLE REVIEW: Foo Fighters - Rope

Their frontman Dave Grohl has recently been awarded with prestigious NME Godlike genius award, it has been just over two years since their last album and their previous six have been Grammy nominated. I think it’s fair to say, from the very beginning, Foo Fighters have set the bar sky high. On the eve of the release of their new single, ‘Rope’, from their upcoming album ‘Wasting Light’, it is certainly no different. And, as ever, Grohl and Co. certainly do not disappoint.

Lauded by long-time fans as some of their heaviest material yet, the Foos do not shy away from their deep-rooted rock credentials whilst also clearly incorporating influences from Grohl’s super massive super group Them Crooked Vultures. Heavy, choppy riffs form the meaty underbelly of the track, complimented by Grohl’s signature rough-around-the-edges vocal propelling the track forward, punctuating the 4:19 with regular, hedonistic interjection of “yoooow!” Compared with previous hits such as “The Pretender”, Grohl’s vocal is, to some extent, tamed by Taylor Hawkins’ smoother tones melding to almost-delicately harmonise amongst the rawk.

My personal highlight comes when the track escalates into a brilliant noisy climax of thumping guitars and face-melting guitar slides, showcasing the intense technical ability that lies at the heart of everything this band do. Classic, excellent, moshtastic Foos.

Written for The Whiteboard Project

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